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Home Made Simple

Friday, April 16, 2010

~Do you Shop at Kroger?~

A few tips for our local Kroger shoppers

*you should sign up through their website to receive updates, newsletters etc. You will start to receive coupons and special offers with them. I've gotten several free items!

*You can load coupons right onto your shoppers card! Just visit the website and click on "coupons" and you should see a place to load your coupons to your card! You can use these virtual Q's in combination with paper coupons to save even more! If you need help locating the virtual coupons you can email me at joshua.rebakah@gmail.com

*Pay attention at checkout, most of the time a few "Catalina's" will print out next to where your receipt does (at self checkout) the clerk should give them to you if you use the lines. These can be very valuable! I've gotten up to $5 off my next order with the Catalina coupons.

*Just because it says get 10 for a $1 doesn't mean you have to buy ten to get that price (In Kentucky anyway). Even if you only buy one they will sell it to you for a dollar.

*Watch for the smart source machines that have coupons in them these will often go along with sales that the store is having.

*Don't throw those returnable Ale8 bottles away! (In Kentucky). Kroger takes the bottles back ( i think the are about .30 each) simply put the bottles in your cart and wheel them up to the Customer Service Desk. They will give you a gift card with your credits on them. I re-use my gift card each time (since we drink tons of Ale8s) Even if you aren't an Ale8 fan but have ended up with these bottles you can simply use the gift card for anything in the store.

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